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    I installed the HP Photosmart printer driver on my "Windows 7 Home" PC. When the install completed, it rebooted my PC. Unfortunately, the boot process now freezes at the Windows 7 startup logo screen. Obviously, something in the printer driver install trashed my system. I tried the Startup Repair process as well as System Restore, but both of these failed to fix the boot problem. How do I get back into Windows to uninstall this driver? Any other suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Try Safe Mode. You don't just uninstall the driver. You uninstall the printer and it takes the driver and software with it. Then you reinstall after a reboot and let win 7 find the right drivers. Hate to suggest this, but the printer driver might be a coincidence. Was the driver a win 7 driver or did you try to install the software with the driver? The driver might be OK but Win 7 will not run older printer utilities (software.) The HP driver support site should have complete directions on win 7 compatibility for your model. You should have posted the exact printer model. Some older printers will run with generic 7 drivers but you can't use the old software. You can print, but not see ink levels, updates etc.

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    What bitness (32 Bit or 64 Bit) is the OS. Make sure the printer drivers are the same bitness. I have had problems in the past with HP drivers not being updated for Win 7.

    At this point you may be at a point where you have to reinstall Windows to fix the problem. Once you do, before trying to install the printer, read the posts in Security and Back up about Imaging. It could save your baccon much quicker in the future.
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