Hello Loungers

I have a request of a new kind, like where do you start, and what technologies are needed to accomplish this:

We have a document that lists the people to be notified in order when we have an incident or disaster. This form has a bunch of e-mails, cell/office/home phone numbers, pager numbers, and checkboxes for the method used to contact the person such as Answer is the person does pick up when called, or voice mail when the phone is not answered, and e-mail and page check boxes to be checked when these methods are used. Also we have a field that captures the time the contact was made, and the other is for the time the person responded.

What I would like is:

1) This form changed from a MS-Word document into an HTML document where each phone number and e-mail is a hyper link that will either dial the phone, or send an e-mail. The e-mail is easy, since we are using MS-Outlook for e-mail, but the phone numbers are tricky if it can be done. I am thinking of installing a modem for the dialing, but am not sure if it will work.

2) When the hyper link is activated the time is captured into the contact time, and then the time of response is manually entered when the person responds.

3) Have all that information, name of person contacted, method of contact, contact time and response time, and date stored into an Excel spreadsheet.

I hope I gave you a clear picture of what we are trying to do.

Thanks for any help.