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    I today noticed for the first time that there was a Show Desktop.scf icon on my Desktop. Since I have a shortcut to it in the Taskbar, I tried to delete it from Desktop. When I deleted it, I got the message that windows was searching for it.

    Is there a way to delete the .scf from Desktop and keep the shortcut? I don't want to use the Desktop toolbar. I find I work more efficiently if the shortcut is in taskbar.

    (Today I downloaded Tweak UI and have a suspicion I clicked something there that caused this new icon on Desktop???)
    (SR 3)

    Thank you.

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    Hi curious,

    Is is possible that you inadvertently dragged this shortcut to the Desktop? (l-c + drag)
    Because you can drag shortcuts back and forth between the Quicklaunch bar and the Desktop.

    It is also possible that you made a copy of the one in your Taskbar via r-c and drag.

    If it is still there, just drag it back to the Quicklaunch bar..If 2 appear,just delete from there.
    One may well be a shortcut to the other shortcut.
    You can find out which is which by checking Properties on those shortcuts before you delete the one you don't want.


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