Outlook’s Rules and Alerts have never functioned for me, and many users and admins have the same experience. I need an Outlook 2003 filter add-on to *automatically* do the things below after a quick, easy set-up for each rule or filter:

1. file all incoming e-mails from SoandSo@TheirWebsite.com into a folder of my choice, and…

2. that folder is expanded so I notice the message is there, *and* it's left Unread until I attend to it.

3. when e-mail is sent to a particular address, it's automatically filed in the designated folder and marked Read.
Do you know of any GOOD programs that does these things? I've tried unsuccessfully to use these programs below on a fresh install of Windows XP Media Center 2002 and Outlook 2003:

* Auto-Mate 5.0 Standard's trial from Pergenex worked especially well. It’s easy to understand and install. But it crashes Outlook on Exit 100% of the time, mysteriously starts an extra Outlook process and frequently freezes Send/Receive.

* QuickFile from Standss was a cleverly-designed near-miss because it's not automatic when a message arrives, but their tech support and software were both unusually good.

* Email Sorter Wizard by alpha Internet Services seemed in principle like it would work but I haven’t been able to make it work.

* SimplyFile says their program won't do automatic filing.

* Caelo's NEO Pro has more features than a NASA spacecraft and I didn't see simple automatic e-mail filing and sorting among them.
I'm willing to leave good reviews and mention good programs to friends that need this. Thanks very much.