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    I work for a large organisation that uses Of2003. I discovered yesterday that the sharing option for the calendar is on 'share' by default. Ie; anyone can type in your name in the 'open shared calendar' box and have a gander at your appointments, etc. There are several thousand people on this WAN, over several locations, and my take on this is that it is a privacy/security risk. Having flagged it to IT, the policy is that it is in the interests of openness, so that if someone wants to contact you, they can see if you are available! (There is a security policy that says not to put anything delicate in your calendar, but users are not even remotely aware of it).

    I have disabled the means in Outlook that gives people the ability to view my life, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what your thoughts on it are. I, personally, prefer to nominate who can see my stuff.

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    A workaround to letting everyone see your calendar is to have them start to schedule a meeting. When a time is set and you are added as an attendee the originator can check your availability but not see any details.


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