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    I started another thread here regarding a problem I was having with Windows 7 Updates. Following that, I discovered other problems and all were due to the absence of the file Trustedinstaller.exe in the folder C:\Windows\servicing, therefore, the trustedinstaller service was not running. Turns out the same problems occur in Windows Vista. In addition to some Windows updates not even being offered, there was no listing of installed updates when going to Control Panel, Programs and Features, select "View Installed Updates", and there was no listing of Windows Features when "Turn Windows features on or off" was selected in that same location. In addition to those problems, sfc /scannow did not function even from an elevated command prompt. After performing the procedure described below, I ran another check for updates and was offered eleven critical or important ones and twelve optional ones, and the listings of installed programs and of Windows features appeared, and I was able to run the system file checker, which turned up no problems. So, here we go.
    Firstly, you have to take control of the folder C:\Windows\servicing so that you can replace the trustedinstaller.exe file. Open an elevated command prompt by right clicking "Command Prompt" under Accessories in the Start Menu and selecting "Run as administrator". Type or copy and paste "takeown /f c:\windows\servicing" (without the quotes) and hit "Enter". Now do the same with this command "icacls c:\windows\servicing /grant administrators:F". These commands were discovered here and thanks to Darrell Gorter for them. Following this, if you can locate a copy of the trustedinstaller.exe file elsewhere on your drive, copy it to the C:\Windows\servicing folder, and all should be fine again as it was for me. If you can't find the file, you will have to obtain it from another computer with the same version of Windows as yours.
    Hoping this will help someone else with the same problems as I had, and wishing someone else could tell me how this very important file was deleted from my computer. It appears not to be the fault of Avast as some have suggested because I run Avast on three other Windows 7 computers, and they were not affected. I did buy the computer in question used so, for all I know, it could have been missing when I got it.

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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting your findings and congratulations on solving the numerous issues. This will help any loungers that find themselves in the same situation. It is bound to surface again.

    On a related note, check out this tutorial for instructions on extracting system files from a Windows 7 installation DVD. It requires the use of 7-Zip to extract the file. I had no difficulty extracting a fresh copy of TrustedInstaller.exe from the DVD. This can of course be used to extract any needed files from the System32 folder or any other folder on the Win7 installation DVD.

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