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    I need to re-arrange my email management. My current method is old and technology has left me behind. The more I look at options the more confused I get.

    Currently I have email all over the place.
    1) My business website hosting service (Earthlink) gets email that I have been using Eudora (pre-T-bird version) for 10 years to download to my office PC which downloads it off the server.
    2) I can read any email that is still on the server using my iPhone. I can in turn respond to emails using my iPhone. But if I need any files, they are on my office PC.
    3) I can read any email that is still on the server using my iPhone app for Gmail. Still can't work with files.
    4) Multiply this by 3 more email accounts and it is a PITA.

    Bet you thought I would never got to the question......

    I need to manage multiple email accounts and the files (attachments) related to them from various devices.

    My equipment:
    Office PC

    I have some straight Earthlink email accounts (old Mindspring) think WebMail.
    Website connected email accounts.
    Gmail. account

    I've, sorta, grasped new technology but never let go of the past technology.

    I like the concept of cloud 'puting.

    Somebody has to be doing what I need to be doing. That is why I've posted here.

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    Here is what I did, no regrets so far.
    I added 2 more email connection/address. These are gmail accounts. One gmail account is setup to collect my work emails (4) and the other for personal email (3).
    Now I need only check 2 accounts.
    * Only 2 accounts to check.
    * I never need to worry about them "filling up" and not taking more mail, as some of my older ones do.
    * All email has the same format and look & feel.
    * They are free

    * It takes a little longer for mail to arrive.
    * Managing address books is not as nice as in some of the others, but it is the same in both.
    * It took a little studying and experimenting to train myself to work within the g-mail constraints.

    I also have a USB Drive (32Gig) with Thunderbird Portable on it that uses IMAP which gives me one location, one program and one address book that manages 7 email accounts.
    Yes, I could have attempted to set them all up with T'bird but I like the flexibility of using gmail to consolidate them into 2 because this way it is still very easy to use an internet connection on my iPad instead of the USB drive with T'bird. IMAP keeps these two methods synchronized very nicely. The only part I need to finish yet is syncing the USB address book with the 2 gmail address books.
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    As it's a business service you could try Google Apps (the paid service) to combine all of your email into one location. They claim to be secure and private.

    cheers, Paul

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