On a regular installation of Windows XP, the control panel offers accessibility features, one of which allows us to switch the OS colour themes to High Contrast. Personally, I prefer a variation on High Contrast Black.

One of the applications that reacts to the high contrast setting, is Microsoft's Internet Explorer (starting at v.5 I think... I'm currently using v.8). It changes the colours of the web pages I visit, making their backgrounds black and their text fore colours white. However, it also defines colours for hyperlinks: dark blue for non-visited links, and dark red for visited ones. Against the dark background, those colours hardly provide sufficient contrast.

Now I know how Internet Explorer allows us to override the system-specified colours. However, I'm not looking for that. Instead, I'm looking for the place where the system specifies its internet colours, so I can store them in a profile (or something similar). Why? Because currently, every time I switch from normal to high contrast, I also need to reapply my own colour theme, and I need to reapply the alternate settings for the Internet Explorer colours. That's 3 adjustments, and I desire to switch with just 1 adjustment.

I've studied the Windows Themes and the classic colour themes. They store a lot of the same information, but they don't seem to store the internet colours. And it seems Microsoft is right when claiming that other information in those theme files gets ignored.

So: does anyone know where and in what format Windows XP or MS Internet Explorer stores the colours that MS Internet Explorer applies to web pages, after starting the High Contrast mode via the OS accessibility features?