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    I have the following formula

    =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(DS96,$E$3:$F$2500,1,FALSE)),IF (OR(DS96=" ",ISBLANK(DS96)),"","NEW"))

    The formulas looks up the value of text and DS96 and if not in the table E3:F2500, then it returns "NEW"

    I want to add an and formula or another if statement to say that IF DS96 does not appear in E3:F2500 and if DU96 & DT96 is zero then the formula must return a blank. However if DU96 & DT 96 contain a value > than zero and DS96 does not appear in E3:F2500, then it must return "NEW".

    Your assistance will be most appreciated

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    If I understand when not found:
    If BOTH DU96 AND DT96 are zero: return null string

    If BOTH DU96 AND DT96 are >zero: return "NEW"

    What should be returned if one of them is zero and the other is not?

    What do you want the formula to return if the value is found? Right now your formula returns FALSE since there is nothing listed...

    It would help if you made a table of all the possibilites so we know how to structure the IF.


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