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    At, try printing the long list or even compare the browsed list to the print preview. Then try viewing, printing, etc. to the IE8, which does correctly! I understand from a Mozillazine forum discussion that this behavior is generic to FF 3.x.x!
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    Firefox does not correctly paginate pages that use certain style rules. I'm not sure what is wrong with this page exactly. The long column is floated next to a short one, which might be triggering a bug.

    As with many pages that are truncated after one page, you can work around this in the customary manner: select the part you want to print and then in the Print dialog click the bubble next to Selection.

    For this particular page, a more drastic hack is to pop the relevant page contents up to the top of the document using this script (copy the following, open the above page, paste this to the address bar, then press Enter):

    javascript:void(document.body.insertBefore(document.getElementById("contentBox"), document.body.firstChild));
    Since each page is different, this sort of hack takes time to discover and test. Not very practical for random surfing.

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