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    There seem to be duplicate file folders on my system. This may have been caused by using PCMover twice and having to remove 64 bit W7 and replace it with 32 bit W7.

    In any case the dupes are annoying and I would like to remove them. Under Documents and Settings there are two folders with identical content: Default and Default User. Similarly under <my user name> there are two My Document folders - same name and same contents. Both are folders but the properties are different -- one has info on location, size, contents and attributes the other folder has nothing listed on the general properties tab - not even the attributes.

    On top of this there are two copies of user accounts in the control panel. When you right click them, they both allow you to open or create a shortcut but only one offers an option of opening in a new window.

    Any one have an idea of how to deal with this? Is it time for an in-place reinstall?

    Thanks in advance

    Jim Geisman

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    Whoa Jim, Welcome but slow down,

    'upgrading' 32-bit versions of W7 often seems to lead to problems later, involving 3rd-party softwares into the conversion process is going to further increase the chances of that happening. You may just be seeing 2 apparitions of the same thing.

    Please tell us what stopped you from creating a clean install of W7 64-bit?

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