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    I've searched this forum, and queried several other help sites re the following problem, to no avail. Maybe one of you can help:

    1. I'm running Win XP home SP3 via "Parallels" on my iMac - for 18 months. I only use the XP OS for 3 apps that don't work on Apple OSX. On Office 2000, I.E., and "Family Tree Maker", a genealogy app, after 10 to 30 minutes I get a window: "Excel (for example) has encountered a problem and must close..." I close this window, and the app closes. No damage done, other than loss of data since app was last 'saved.' I can then re-boot the app, but get the damned window much sooner. Have you any suggestions?
    Would complete uninstall and re-install of XP, Parallels and the apps from discs be the ultimate cure - or could the problem be in one of the retained files - an Excel work book, a Family tree, etc?
    In the nefarious window that opens I can click on"details" - and get a laundry list of hundreds of something - codes, maybe - nothing that has meaning to me.

    (I successfully use NeoOffice, an Open Office variant, instead of Msft Office, maintaining files in Msft Office format, but some features of Office are missing in NeoOffice so I still need Office )

    2. Your forum is great for Windows. Do you happen to know of any similar site for iMac's?

    Thanks for any help - Jim Boxcar on 8/20/2010

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    Is this new behavior or has it been going on since you originally installed?

    Is it all the Apps on this Windows XP install or just Microsoft Office components?

    I am pretty sure if it affects both Family Tree Maker and Excel that it is not something in either one of the programs themselves (unless Family Tree Maker actually uses Excel code as part of its code base). It is far more likely to be something in windows that is causing the problem that both programs share...

    My first gut feeling is that the programs are losing access to their temp files. Are the data files on a location that is shared with osX or are that actually on the Virtual harddrive under Parallels. You don't have something going on with the host osX operating system that would cause the Parallels VM to not be able to write back to the host filesystem? (such as the osX going into power saver mode or something like that....)

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