Hi folks,

I don't really think this is a laptop problem, since I see an awful lot of folks with desktops having the same problem. Microsoft's help fora keep saying "well, did you go to the manuracturer and download new device drivers?... " and then do kind of a slope-shouldered shrug.

In brief: Sounds/General tab will not show the HDMI output device, thus, I cannot select or set up audio output on the HDMI to a HDTV.

Some details: two laptops, a Sony Viao 64 bit and a Dell Studio 32 bit. OEM built with VISTA, and when I got an HDTV and plugged in an HDMI cable between 'em, I would have to go to the volume control mixer, select Playback Devices, and there waiting for me was a nice shiny HDMI device. With that I could select whatever audio format I wanted the TV to play, and I was happy.

Upgraded both laptops to Win 7 Ultimate, full automatic updates enabled. I had not verified the HDMI outputs after the update because at that time I did not need them (don't ask why, that's another story, one that does need sad music). Now, a few months later, I am sitting in temporary lodging and trying to make the HDMI show my movies from the laptop on to an HDTV. Picture is great, but no audio. Yes, I verified with the tv maker (LG) that their HDMIs are video and audio input. Yes, it's the same HDMI cable that I had used before, and I have been very gentle with it and avoided kinking it.

I have double-checked and the "Show all devices, show disabled devices" boxes are checked. Device Mgr shows Displays as the Intel Mobile Chipset (only device showing), and Sound/Music has the Intel HDMI device. NO yellow flags on these drivers, drivers were all reported as working normally.

So, following everybody's advice... I reloaded all of the Intel 965 chipset drivers (since that's what Intel's chip finder said I have in these beasts). No joy. That is, drivers install normally, no errors reported, and while Device Mgr knows that the HDMI is there, the damned speaker mixer panel doesn't see it. Nor does Windows Media Player.

This is really frustrating me. Any ideas? I mean, short of falling back to Vista...