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    Every time I startup and go into my thunderbird mail, I download my mail and then the CPU usage goes bananas so I can't use my computer till it stops. It goes into the 90's and apparently has something to do with the "idle system process". How can I make it stop
    since all my attempts have failed?

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    Thunderbird 3 RC2 Is Out, Fixes High CPU Usage Bug
    The Mozilla Foundation has recently released the first release candidate (RC) of its Thunderbird 3 email client – after going through a total of 4 Beta releases. Mozilla has now bumped Thunderbird 3 to RC2 (Release Candidate 2) and in the process it has solved a few problems that plagued the software.

    It seems there was a bug that caused previous Thunderbird 3 versions to use too much CPU and memory, hang at shutdown and shut down IMAP connections. The RC2 release fixes this bug – and it also two other bugs. It fixes a bug that caused the "download more dictionaries" option to not open properly; and it enables downloading new messages automatically by default for POP3 accounts.

    Here are some other enhancements you can expect to get from Thunderbird 3 RC2:
    - New Search with Advanced Filtering Tools
    - New Global Search Field with Autocomplete
    - New Mail Account Setup Wizard
    - Redesigned Mail Toolbar
    - Tabbed Email Messages
    - Smart Folders
    - New Message Summary View
    - Column Headings
    - Message Archive
    - Activity Manager
    - New Add-ons Manager
    - Improved Address Book
    - Improved Gmail Integration
    - Integrated with Vista search results (Windows version only)
    - Integrated with Spotlight (Mac OS X version only)
    - Thunderbird 3 can import from, can read your OS X address book, and can use Growl for new mail alerts (Mac OS X version only)
    - IMAP Folder Synchronization

    If you would like to get Thunderbird 3 RC2, a download location is available here.

    The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users; it is available in 49 different languages. Please note that Thunderbird 3 RC2 has been released for testing and community feedback, so do not use it in a production environment.
    We strongly suggest you take the time to read the Thunderbird 3 RC2 release notes as they present the software’s new features in greater detail. You should also read the list of known issues before you download and install the software.
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