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    I have had it with Vista. I had dual booted Ubuntu and then Linux Mint 7, 8 and then 9 and I am amazed at how much faster and cleaner they all are than Vista. Currently I just have Vista and LM9. Several times Vista deleted the boot entry to Linux then Saturday it forced a chkdsk and somehow it deleted the LM9 and the Vista boot managers. I cannot boot into either. Only Vista shows up and it goes in circles trying to boot. Even using the Vista Recovery CD, it says either that it fixed itself or that it cannot find an issue.

    Using Ubuntu Live CD (try not install) I can access all of my data. I have copied my documents, my most recent Firefox bookmarks, etc and program files to a working 500gb extension drive.

    My question is can you help me fix the Vista boot loader? I have done as the easybcd website showed, manually rebuilding the boot mgr to no avail. I have tried several recovery cd's and they do not show a windows os even though I know that it is there.

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    Hi Tom, and welcome to the Lounge!

    Was Vista on your computer first, and then you installed LM for dual booting?

    If so, did you allow the LIveCD to install Grub2 as your boot manager?

    I currently have a dual boot Vista LM9 system, and LM was installed as the new OS and I let LM configure Grub2 as the boot manager, and I have not had any troubles with it. I want to get a feel for your circumstances.

    What was going on when Vista deleted the boot loader?

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    Many sites show methods for fixing your MBR on Vista. My thread here shows a very easy method. Basically the Grub Bootloader replaces the Windows MBR as the first Boot Record so that when the Grub Bootloader is lost for whatever reason, the system does not find the Windows MBR.

    A simple Google search will give many other sites with this info as well.
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