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    Hi all.....I have a problem that I need some help with.....bought an Apple MacBookAir...OS 10.6....using MS Office for Mac (??) which uses Entourage as the OUTLOOK equivalent......Entourage is terrible...I partitioned the hard drive and now have WIN 7 on the Mac and am using MS Office 2010.......I want to export all of the data in Entourage to Outlook 2010.....I have not been able to find a straight-forward way to do this......everything seems to involve running 'scripts' etc there some way (even at a nominal cost) to get the files from Entourage onto a thumb drive, convert them to pst files that can be imported into Outlook?

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    Can you export the Entourage data to some intermediate format such as comma or tab delimited or to Excel? I'm not familiar at all with Entourage, but if you can export the data, then it can be imported into Outlook. I stumbled on this MacWorld suggestion which suggests it can be done in a semi-manual way, but requires that you use Outlook Express as and intermediate step - presumable Windows Live mail would also work. If you just want your address book the process looks pretty straightforward.

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    An alternate method to a disk based export/convert/import approach is a server-based copy-up copy-down approach.

    This requires an IMAP account, which you can obtain from your ISP or using GMail. Both Entourage and Outlook will let you connect to the account, and you can copy mail to the server from Entourage, and then copy to local folders in Outlook.

    (I'm assuming you don't have an Exchange account, otherwise you could just use Exchange, mailbox quota permitting.)

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