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    I put the icons for Save All and Close All on my Quick Access toolbar because I usually have a lot of Word documents open at one time. Whenever I click either icon, I get various message that all pertain to my global template. The most recent message says "Word cannot save changes to the global template because it was opened with read-only access. Do you want to save the changes in a template with a different name?" I just installed Office 2010 (32-bit) last Friday. I am the administrator of my own machine and on a home network, so I don't have any corporate IT policies interfering. Why would my global template be read only?

    I don't know if this is pertinent, but I do have some add-ins installed. I used these add-ins with Word 2003 no problem, and I know other people who are using these same add-ins on 2010 with no problem. When I go to the Developer tab > Templates and Add-ins, Templates, the add-ins are checked as being currently loaded. I have one other add-in that doesn't appear in the "Checked items are currently loaded" box, but it is available when I startup Word and it appears under the Add-Ins tab.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    This is normal behaviour for global templates - they all open as read-only. Ordinarily this is not a problem but it appears your Save All command is including those global templates for some reason. Perhaps the global templates have code which is running to modify one of them which then can't be saved.

    If you disable your addins one at a time and run the same command you should be able to identify the addin that is causing the problem. If you have acrobat loaded then you could start with it since it has a long history of making changes to toolbars and overrunning things it shouldn't.
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