I'm trying to create a report that includes a linked, embedded chart, and so far I'm stumped. (This is the same problem I had asked about earlier; it got pushed to the back burner for a time while we were trying to meet a deadline on a different project.)

The report covers 27 different facilities, one page per facility, and is intended to answer the question "for each facility [viewed individually, not in comparison to any of the others], how many people are there in category A, how many in category B, and how many in category C?" (The categories are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.) The dataset I'm working with is a summary dataset, covering two years, with one record for each facility per year. Rather than a multiple-field primary key (facility name + year), I'm using an autonumber field.

Using the Chart Wizard, I've tried repeatedly to create a pie chart and link it to the table the report is based on. Some attempts have yielded a blank box on the report where the chart should be. Some have yielded a box containing only the name of the table on which the report and chart are based. And if I remember correctly, one resulted in an unlinked graph using the figures from the first record in the table. (Nice for the first facility, not much use for the others.)

Each time I've tried creating the chart, I've selected the field to use to link it to the table (the autonumber ID field). Once it's created, though, if I click the "build" button on the "Link Child Fields" or "Link Master Fields" lines in the properties box (which are both displaying the name of the field I selected in the wizard), it pops up a dialog box saying "Can't build a link between unbound forms" and then blanks out that line in the properties box.

One strange thing about this is that when I tried creating a linked, embedded chart on a form (based on the same table the report is based on), it worked fine. Moving from record to record caused the displayed chart to change according to the figures in that record, just as it should. Feeling emboldened by this, I tried copying and pasting the graph onto the report. No luck - just a blank box again.

Part of the difficulty is that I don't really understand how the Chart Wizard works; in particular, the step where one drags field names onto the sample chart. The chart I need will draw each pie slice's value from a different field in the record, which doesn't seem possible in this step of the wizard. I've tried using the SQL query builder to modify the RowSource property for the chart, and have added the other fields to the query (as the wizard sets it up, it contains only two of the fields, the ones I dragged onto the sample chart). This hasn't had an effect that I've noticed.

So far, my searches of Microsoft's support site and of the Web haven't come up with much information about the Chart Wizard or about Microsoft Graph. If anyone knows of any books or other references about either of these, I'd love to hear about them. I'm beginning to think there's some fundamental aspect of charting that I don't know about or don't understand.

Any ideas for making these links work? I've reached complete bafflement. <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20>