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    I was working on a site yesterday, where one of the pc's would not show the screen tip with the pixel measurement, when I dragged the column width.

    5 other PC's in that room - all on Windows XP running Office 2007 - showed the screen tips for column widths, except this PC.

    I have looked through Help topics and sites on the web, but cannot find an answer to why, or how to turn on/off. I have tried all three settings under EXCEL OPTIONS, Popular, Screen Tip Style, and none of them make any difference to this feature.

    Can someone please help me with how to get the column width to display in a screen tip when dragging the column marker in Excel 2007? (image of measurement display example, attached).

    Many thanks.
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    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    I suspect an Add-In may be interfering.
    Check what is different on this PC.
    Does it have a different set of Add-ins compared to the other PCs.
    Also, on the suspect PC, click the Office blob in the top-left corner and try using the 'run Microsoft Office Diagnostic' option under the Excel Options>Resources


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