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    I don't know how many others of you are having this problem but apparently quite a few are! The display suddenly flickers, like when you are resetting your video resolution and then you get "Your Graphics Driver stopped responding and recovered sucessfully". When you go into Event Viewer you get a code 4101. My system just started doing this in my hp Pavillion dv1485nr laptop, but after researching it, others have been having serious problems with this...especially gamers! The problem has been quite serious for Invidia GEForce and ATI video card users but now my system running the standard Chipset 4 internal video has started doing it too!

    The problem apparently is something to do with when video takes over 2-seconds to process, the OS issues a reset command to the video driver which dumps all video out of the buffer and requires a full screen redraw, hence the flickering. This is at least what Microsoft says on their Technet website. If this is so, why would my computer do this, both times, when the computer is sitting completely idle? These happen randomly, completely out of the blue! Not while I'm videoconferencing on Skype, but when sitting idle...weird! Has anyone else experienced this and how severe is it in on your system? Would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this subject!

    Microsoft has a problem and they seem to not be acknowledging it. This is one of the few problems I've encountered with Windows 7 but it is serious enough that it needs to be addressed. Besides, it's a really annoying problem, even occasionally!

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    Check HP support & drivers for an update;HP
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