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    Hi Lounge & all!

    I'm looking for a good default mail. I mainly use Gmail, but can't access that when I click on a link to reply and a box pops up saying something like, "this isn't chosen as your default mail program."

    I've checked into both Opera and Thunderbird. Opera seems nice, very easy to configure. However, when I send emails to my Gmail (or any where else), they aren't being received. I can get mails to the inbox, but for some reason, none are leaving, even though it says they're sent.

    Thunderbird seemed okay, could send and receive with no problems, but (unless I can't see through my glasses!), there is no body to write a mail. All I get are the "to" and "from" areas.

    I went to both Opera and Thunderbird to look for answers to these issues, but couldn't find anything in the FAQ.

    I'm very wary about using Windows Live Mail as the newsletter I received yesterday said this was vulnerable to some hacker exploits.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    I think WLM is just fine for what you describe. From what I've seen it is no more susceptible than any other email client to security issues and probably less so than many.


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    Hi Miss Mae, and welcome to the Lounge!

    I gather that when you want to write a new email, you cannot see the text pane where you can type your message? If the answer is yes, then go to the title bar and click the middle button (lights up blue) on the right side of the title bar so it will maximize your mail window. This should enable you to see the text pane where you can type your messages.

    Another way to do it is to place your mouse pointer on the bottom right corner of the 'create new email message window', in such a way as to turn the mouse pointer into a double arrow. When your pointer changes into a double arrow, left click and hold the left mouse button down while you drab the right corner of the window down and to the right. This will enlarge the window so you can see the text pane to type in your message.

    Hope this helps.

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