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    I am not sure where to go or how to fix this issue. I have a hard time with the pale colors of the Office text on tabs, menu items, in Excell and other areas. I don't know if it is XP SP2 or Office 7 which is causing this, or which has the settings I can change. I've forgotten how to access the XP settings for changing stuff like that. But Office 7 seems to have its own ides about color shades and fonts, so it may be somewhere in there I need to go. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Try this: Rt-Click on your desk-top and select 'Properties' In the Display Properties dialog box you can change the "Theme" from the "Theme" tab or on the "Appearance" tab select a different Color Scheme or customize it as you desire.

    I suggest that you also update to ServicePack 3.
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