Hi All,

This question relates to PCs which may have several versions of Excel installed on the PC, e.g. Excel2003, Excel2007, Excel2010.
I want to open a specific Excel file in a specific version of Excel

To do this, I am planning to use a simple 'startup' file (e.g. "startupXYZ.xls")
This startup file can use a formula cell to check which version of Excel it opened in.

If it is already in the version of Excel I want, no problem, I can proceed to have the startup file then load my required file, and then close itself.

If the startup file detects that it is loaded in an Excel version other than the version I want, I want the startup file to check whether the version of Excel I want is available on that PC.

Is there a way of using VBA to check the Registry for available Excel versions???
Is it then possible, using VBA, to then open another instance of Excel, in particular, open either specifically Excel2007 or Excel2010????