First I had Outlook 2007 and was using Business Contact Manager. Then I upgraded to Office 2010 thinking that BCM would be included with Outlook as it had always been in the past. Microsoft has apparently changed this, and the information on their website was clearly misleading, which means I bought the wrong version. (For more on this, see below.) Only when I installed Office 2010 did I discover that BCM was not available. I then uninstalled Office 2010 and reinstalled 2007 (with a reboot inbetween.) Now, when I start Outlook 2007, I can get to my e-mails with no problem, but when I try to go to my Agenda/Calender, Outlook goes into a permanent state of waiting, and after several minutes I get a message telling me that my profile was made with a newer version and may contain information that is not compatible with my current (2007) version. I followed the instructions and made a new profile and selected that this should be the new default profile. However the problem remains. What can I do?

Regarding BCM, when we first contacted MS the person we spoke to told us that it had to be there, as it had always been part of the Office suite. The second person we spoke to informed us that BCM was only available in two versions of Office, and only if buying a license for 5 or more users. This information was not on the website, and we made screen shots to prove this. Our next step was to put all of this in writing in a letter to MS. They promptly acknowledged our complaint and promised to look into it. About a week later we received an e-mail that the problem had been escaleted. The website was changed to provide more and better information, but we can easily prove that this was not the case when we decided to purchase Office 2010 for Small Businesses. After several more weeks we inquired as to the status of our complaint. We were told that our complaint was justified and that instructions had been given to provide us with a copy of BCM that would work with our version of Office 2010! Many weeks later we have heard no more from MS, our contact person can only repeat that he has given instructions to provide us with the correct software, and we have now handed the matter over to our lawyer for legal action.