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    I use Acronis Home 11.0 for imaging but have wanted to start syncing files between two computers and an external HD. Tried Synctoy 2.1 and thought it was working great and just what I wanted.

    Have only been using it a few weeks. Here is what I have. One machine XP SP3, our main computer is Vista SP1 I started by syncing our music folder which is about 30 gb. I only wanted changes to run one way from the Vista to external HD to XP. I recently discovered that files I have deleted on vista are deleted on the ext HD but no on XP.

    Have tried to determine an answer from synctoy forums but no help yet. So, has anyone here tried this and have any answers? Or is there a better alternative for syncing?

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    I recently discovered that files I have deleted on vista are deleted on the ext HD but no on XP.
    That's what syncing does. Use it more cautiously and selectively in the future.
    Read the faq sheet that comes with the program to explore all of it's options and use the program very carefully.
    One slip up can cost you dearly, this is one of those programs where user input and attentive thought are required.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I think the problem is that the files are NOT deleted on the XP if I read this correctly.

    Synctoy has 5 basic settings I think they are; Echo, Synchronize, Subscribe, Contribute and Combine.

    I presume you have setup two pairs

    1> vista - HardDrive
    2> vista - XP

    Both should be set to Echo. Double check this first. (I am sure you have but I always like to start with the simplest solution) It sounds like you could have the vista - xp share set to contribute....

    Next try to duplicate the action from windows explorer. If you are running synctoy on the vista machine, navigate to the share and attempt to copy a file from the music folder to the share and then attempt to delete it. (this is to test permissions to be sure synctoy has the rights it needs to do its work)

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