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    In the attached file
    [attachment=89826:JP Alignment Issue.doc]
    a couple of the paragraphs don't tab over to their tab stop. I thought initially that the text was too long to fit before the right indent.

    However, in the client's original version
    [attachment=89828:JP Alignment OK2.doc]
    (sanitized for your protection)
    the styles are defined identically (except they had "Update Automatically", something I turn off), but there's no alignment problem.

    There's nothing different in the font or paragraph attributes of the TOC 3 style from one to the other. There's nothing different in Tools > Options > Japanese Typography or > Compatibility.

    I'm rather baffled here, and would appreciate some help from someone who might now the secrets of Asian Text in Word.
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    Your problem reminded me of this thread so I had a brief play with the code and found something to get you started on solving this. It appears to be related to the Asian Typography tab that I don't see but perhaps you do.

    The modified code appears to resolve the alignment issue in your sample document. You will need to work out which particular line is the key as you can see my code is a real sledgehammer type approach to get to see some kind of result.
    Sub tempz()
      Dim aSty As Style, aPara As Paragraph
      For Each aSty In ActiveDocument.Styles
        If aSty.Type = wdStyleTypeParagraph Then
          aSty.ParagraphFormat.DisableLineHeightGrid = True
        End If
      Next aSty
      For Each aPara In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
        aPara.Format.DisableLineHeightGrid = True
        aPara.Format.AutoAdjustRightIndent = False
        aPara.Format.AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndAlpha = False
        aPara.Format.AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndDigit = False
      Next aPara
    End Sub
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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