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    Each time I change my language settings, they reset to English (US) and misspell everything in my documents!!!

    I am running Office 2007 SP2 on Windows 7

    I have gone into the Microsoft Office Language Settings 2007 and configured English (Australia) as my default language and removed English (US) - however, when I re-enter the Microsoft Office Language Settings 2007 English (US) is back in the Enabled Editing Languages window - no matter how many times I remove it, it keeps coming back.

    Then, when I open Word and edit a document, it tells me that labelled is spelt incorrectly... I right click and select "Language" and English (US) is the default!!! I then click "Set Language" and select English (Australia) and click "Default" and I get the following message:

    "Do you want to change the default language to English (Australia)
    This change will affect all new documents based on the NORMAL template"

    I click "Yes" and accept the change.

    If I save and re-open - this document is now set to English (Australia)

    HOWEVER, every new document I open defaults back to English (US)

    How do I permanently set my language to English (Australia) ???

    This is really annoying me and quite embarrassing when I sent the chairman an email with misspellings... I looked like a bit of a buffoon!

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    Whitsey, Welcome to the Lounge.

    Set if this page from MS helps with your problem. Another site at MS explains further. I hope one of these solves your problem.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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