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    Automation Error (2000)

    We are trying to create a Visual Basic program to pick up e-mails from a Groupwise account and drop them into an Access database. The Groupwise portion of the code works fine (reads the e-mail and changes the flag from unread to read). However, when the program goes to put the data into the back-end (using a variety of import parsing code), we keep getting the following error.

    Run-time error '430'. Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface.

    Interestingly, when we run the import routine from within the database (using the same external exe and dll), it works great. Is anyone familar with this error? Any know causes?

    Help is always appreciated.

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    Re: Automation Error (2000)

    If it works in Access but not in VB, then we'll have to see the code that throws the error in order to figure it out.

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