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    Just installed Mozilla Thunderbird on Samsung laptop which runs Win 7 Home Premium this created a ..../profile/6gq416yo.default folder with a whole lot of subfolders

    To transfer my old emails and contacts (which was in Oulook) I installed Thunderbird on the old computer (running Win XP) and did an import all
    I then copied all the subfolders under its profile/..,default folder to the Samsung computer

    On entering Thunderbird I could then see all my old emails and contacts

    Now the fun starts when testing receiving and sending of emails

    To test, I connected via an Ethernet to my router (web works OK)

    I could receive emails but NOT sending. I got an error 'connecting to the SMTP sever failed'

    An alternative way to connect to the internet is via the Mobile (Cell) phone Network and I happen to have a Sierrra Wireless USB 306 modem thru my local providor

    When I used this (disconnecting the Ethernet) everything worked, I could send and receive perfectly

    so in summary

    When connected via USB and the cell phone network everything works
    When connected via ethernet can only receive emails

    Any Suggestions

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi David and welcome to the Lounge!

    The last few versions of Thunderbird have used an automated routine to set up the receiving and sending of email. I have found it to be more of a mess personally. It always sets my account up with incorrect protocols and port addresses which my ISP does not use. I have to use POP and SMTP, but it set me up with a different receiving protocol. The only way I could set Thunderbird up in a way that works for my situation was to intervene in the automated routine and do a manual setup.

    I have installed Thunderbird on two computers in the last three months, and both times I had to delete the account to start setup from scratch by halting the auto routine quickly. When I wait too long to do so, the account is set up and requires deletion to get it corrected. If you are allowing Thunderbird to use its auto set up, then try taking manual control early on and check with your ISP for the correct protocols and port addresses to ensure receiving and sending of your email.

    Hope this helps.

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