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    Post ME install re graphics driver

    After installing a second hard drive and re-installing ME on my original hd, I've run into a problem with my graphics driver. I'm not sure if I should be addressing that here, but didn't see any other place to do it. I have an ATI All In Wonder 128 Pro graphics board and downloaded the latest Rage 128 Pro driver. However, I didn't do something right because the only options I have under Display Properties, Settings, Colors is 16 bit and 256 color. I installed it using "Add/Remove Software" in Control Panel. What else did I do or not do?

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    Re: Post ME install re graphics driver

    Check the display adaptors in Device Manager. If you now have two there, that's probably the problem. From the properties of each (Device Manager>Properties>Driver), find the one with the most recent version and delete the other. If you still have trouble, return to Device Manager>Properties>Driver and select 'Update Driver' and update to the downloaded driver, if you are sure that's the one you want - but Me includes drivers for the ATI All-in-Wonder and I'd probably use them.
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