I've got a number of Podcast subscriptions using iTunes. Over the past couple of years, some information about a given Podcast has changed so that ITunes files the downloads in separate folders within the Podcast directory even though the basic Podcast is the same. For example, Understanding Adobe Photoshop has undergone several iterations so that my Podcast folder now has four different sub-folders for the various downloads. I'd like to consolidate all of those files into one folder and still have that show up in my Podcast folder in ITunes. Simply changing the artist & album entries to be identical on all the files does this job for a standard music file/album but it doesn't appear to work that way with Podcasts ... I tried editing the tags outside of ITunes, deleting the files from ITunes and re-importing the edited folder and that works as long as you ensure the media type is set to Podcast ... but I found that you lose the subscription info by doing that ... anybody got an idea of how to do this properly?