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    There is a continuing reoccurence happening to one of the computer stations here. Outlook will not open and there is a message that errors have been detected in the file:\****outlook.pst.

    I already tried running the Scanpst.exe to diagnose and repair. However, I got another error which state "An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file.

    So I went and Googled for tools: The three I found were: Frinstall.exe from; Pst-repair-t.exe from Squidoo; and Ms-outlook-recovery from

    We need to recover the contacts and their information, as well as, the emails themselves.

    Any recommendations of which of the three tools above to use or another option?

    I did go and change the default pst file to an older one so the user is able to use Outlook at this point. This is Outlook 2007

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    I probably don't have to say this, but the first thing to do is make a backup of the pst as it stands.

    Next I would create a new PST and import from the defective one into it
    - first the contacts
    - then email folders, doing inbox and sent items last
    This way you will recover as much as possible from the bad pst before trying to repair.

    Then if there is still data you need to recover, try whatever repair tool you like and see if you can recover any more data.
    Each time, repair a copy of the original pst, not one which any previous tool has been unable to repair.
    Once you have recovered everything you can, use the new PST and scrap the old one. Even if the PST is supposedly fixed I would not trust it.

    Unfortunately PST files are not very robust.


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