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    Previously when accessing my mobile phone provider and logging in, when I typed the first number in my mobile phone number an auto complete feature suggested my complete number as a login and if I accepted it my password was filled in too. Having run Norton Utilities this no longer happens. What has beeen removed by Norton and how do I get it back to what it was?

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    Rather than using a somewhat insecure password manager in your browser check out a 3rd party password manager such as Last Pass. I suspect in your case your cookies have been set to be erased when you close your browser, or Norton is helping you by doing so. Actually this is a good method of covering your tracks when web browsing. I have all my browsers to automatically delete all history and cookies upon closing, but with Last Pass, when I go to any of my hundreds of pages requiring a password, Last Pass remembers for me and fills in my info. All I have to remember is one master password. And 3rd party password managers are much more secure than the password manager built into your browser.
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