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    I have data on multiple drives and I want to consolidate all of my files and folders into one folder on my c:\ drive. Let's call the folder: C:\@Consolidated

    Current data locations:

    C:\AAA\[all of my data folders and files]
    C:\Documents and Settings\LARRY\My Documents\
    H:\[usb memory drive]
    I:\[usb memory drive]

    Many of the files in C:\AAA folder are the same as on H:\ drive and I:\ drive but some are just different versions of the same files. I want only the latest versions of the same document signified by the most recent revision time and date. I also want to maintain the folder structure on each drive. So, I may have the same file in different folders and that's ok but I don't want the same file in the same folder but just different versions (revision date and times).

    Is there a program that you would recommend or is there a script somewhere that could accomplish this task?

    Any suggestions?


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    I would copy everything to My Documents, but in separate directories, then use one of the many duplicate file finder programs to sort through the files.

    cheers, Paul

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