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    I am running Vista Home on a Toshiba P205D-S7436 Notebook. 2gb RAM, Athlon 64x2 Dual Core processor.

    My Windows Installer is popping up all the time in any program including browsers. I can't find any way to disable it or uninstall it. That is only part of the problem.

    I have been running Office 2003 Pro for about two years when suddenly, I could not load any program (Excel, Word, etc). I put the Original disk in and tried the repair option several times and it would not work.
    I ran the uninstall, planning to reinstall it but it will not re-install. When I went to Windows Explorer, I still found Office in the files as well as the icons on my desktop. I then used Revo Uninstaller to try to get rid of everything and that didn't work! I am at a loss. Going on 4 days and can't do any work. I loaded Open Office and am able to get somethings done but want Office 2003 back.

    I dread the thought of reloading the whole disk and if I do, I will put Windows-7 with Office-10 but I am not sure if it would pick up all my drivers. I am open to any good idea... first reloading Office 2003, getting rid of the Installer program, or full up date. (I have good backups of all my data and photo's.) What else do I need to backup? I appreciate and thank you in advance for your help.

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    Run Windows 7 upgrade Advisor to check on compatibility issues. Check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Go for Win 7 and Office 2010. You will love them both. It does indeed sound like a reinstall would be necessary on your Vista system. Take the plunge and upgrade.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    What do you mean installer is popping up all the time?
    Have you tried a complete Office re-install instead of a repair?

    cheers, Paul

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