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    I am still happily using Paradox V1 for Windows from 1992, currently on XP. 18years! I can't believe it. But I am concerned about some future failure of the software and the loss of my databases and the familiar software of course.
    Is there a current version of the software, can I import my V1 databases and would it be at all familiar, or, is there another product that is better or more compatible with my "now very historic" entry level knowledge, and would allow me to import the data?

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    Current versions of Access will import your data, but not any queries, forms or reports you may have. And Access is now the dominant desktop database - but you are likely to find the learning curve fairly steep coming from Paradox. What version of Windows are you using? If you are still running on 1992 hardware, you are a very lucky chap. But the concern is that you may not be able to install Paradox on Windows 7 or some future version of Windows. I would suggest you obtain a recent version of Access and at least import your data so you have a backup if you need it, and that would let you gain some familiarity with Access.

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    You may want to check into also as they have some import capability of Paradox. I do not use this import from Paradox capbility but it is free and (IMO) a bit simpler than Access, also it will cost you nothing but some time to check it out. I am actually using the Go-OpenOffice version and find it VERY good.
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