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    It all started about 4 days ago when a boot wouldn't complete because of a missing or corrupt windows file \Windows\system\ (I didn't write the file name down).

    My thought was that a corrupt system file meant either the hard drive had a bad sector or there was a virus.

    I should have tried a System Restore to an earlier point, but I didn't think of that. I did a System Recovery instead but without a hard drive reformat. Since
    this is an old machine, the Recovery brought it back to its original Win XP state (i.e. before SP1). So I did the following

    1) System Recovery (brought it to Win XP base)

    2) tried to Install Windows XP SP3 but it said it needed SP1 present

    3) Installed Windows XP SP1 (installed without error)

    4) Installed Window XP SP3 (installed without error)

    5) Since IE was now back to IE6 I tried to install IE8. It failed but wouldn't say why.

    6) I tried to install IE7, but it failed without explanation also.

    8) I installed MS Office 2003, then Office 2003 SP3. Both installed successfully.

    9) I tried to install Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. It started but then said there was a threat so it did a complete scan,
    which found absolutely nothing, then continued on with the install but failed saying the install was interrupted.

    9) I was able to successfully install Uniblue's Registry Booster and ran it. It found over 200 Registry errors. I believe most of
    these were due to the fact that since I did not do a hard drive format, all the programs were still in C:\Program Files but
    none except Windows were in the registry. I don't know if all the errors were due to this but I had Registry Booster to fix
    the errors, which it did.

    10) I was successfully able to use IE6 for a while but after about half a day it would stall and wouldn't run successfully.
    Actually what it did was this
    10a- Started IE6, then started another instance of IE6 (so there are no 2 IE6's on the task bar)
    10b- Would start to fill out the screen then parts of it would disappear then come back. This would happen to both
    10c- I was forced to cancel both instances.

    11) Since IE6 was no longer working I did a System Restore back to before I installed Registry Booster. IE6 would work now, so I
    reinstalled Registry Booster, ran it (found about 60 errors), and fixed them.

    12) Tried installing IE7 or IE8 again several times. Always the same result, which was that it couldn't install but no
    explanation was given.

    13) I Started all over with another System Recovery and repeated the upgrade steps, (WinXP SP1, WinXP SP3, didnt do Office this
    time or Registry Booster).

    14) Went to the MS Windows update site to look for patches which came after WinXP SP3. It started scanning my system but just
    sat there for several hours. The message on the screen said a scan/install was in progress but there was no progress bar and
    other than the initial message about beginning a scan there were no messages. So after about 3 hours, I simply closed IE6.

    15) At this point I don't know what I have. IE6 still works but I can't install IE7, IE8, or Trend Micro and I am still unsure
    whether I am dealing with a virus or a hard disk problem. My intuition tells me if it was a hard disk problem, other flakey
    behavior would be happening. No evidence yet of other problems.

    So I looked at the WindowUpdate.log located in C:\Windows. I found multiple instances of the following

    2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU ########### AU: Uninitializing Automatic Updates ###########
    2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU WARNING: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002
    2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU AU Restart required....
    2010-09-12 06:27:00:750 1112 230 AU ########### AU: Uninitializing Automatic Updates ###########

    So my questions are

    Q1) Anyone know how to interpret these Windows update log errors?

    Q2) Are there other logs I should be looking at? If so what are their names and where are they located?

    Q3) Anyone have any thoughts on the whole process?

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    Since Trend Micro indicated a Security Threat, the first thing I would do is download and install Malware Bytes (My link) , let it do an update and then do a full scan.

    I found this:
    There is one nearly fail-safe method of getting Internet Explorer 8 to install on your machine, regardless of the version of Internet Explorer (6, 7, etc.) you're currently running. The solution depends on the existing version of your Windows O/S:

    * Browse to Start > Run > type "cmd" > hit Enter
    o Windows XP: Type the following command: secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose
    o Windows Vista: Type the following: secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose
    * Make sure you leave whitespace exactly as indicated, and double check spelling. Note that running these commands will take a while, and you may get an error message at the end - you can safely ignore it.

    What these commands essentially do is restore the default security settings in Windows. Try re-installing Internet Explorer 8 now. The installation should proceed successfully.

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    IMHO,I would just simply reformant the hard drive & start over fresh.The way it sounds or reads rather.The registry is pretty well messed up beyond repair.Good luck on what ever you decide on.
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    If you have an XP installation disk (not the HP recovery disk), try the repair described here:

    It works well.

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