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    Hi All,
    Can anyone help me with this....
    I have a Program that requires the use of data Files.
    I wanted to reinstall this Program with a fresh install but keeping my current data.
    So I just copied these data files directly onto an external hard drive. But the files became "read only".
    My original program could not read them when recopied back onto my computers hard drive.
    How can I avoid this happening again?
    If I backed up the files to DVD with Nero Back It Up would I have the same problem?

    Luckily I did have a full system image in the first place and I was able to get back to my original state but i really would like to reinstall it and then copy my data back into the Program


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    Generally reinstalling an app over the original app should not touch the original data. Have you attempted to keep the data on a separate partition on your PC? This has always been good advice. This way if you have to restore your complete OS partition the data remains secure. You do not mention which OS you use. Do a Google search for creating a new partition then another for moving data to a separate partition. These should help you to complete this. Doing this will keep your data safe even when you reinstall your apps.
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    Once you get your "Read Only" files back to the HDD you can turn the "Read Only" Attribute "OFF" using Windows Explorer.
    Select all the files (or the directory) Right-Click and select 'Properties' then clear the Check box next to Read Only.
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