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    I have had MWP since version 5 first came out. I was offered an upgrade to version 2010 for $10. 2010 is supposed to be out of Beta, so I upgraded. The original version gave me all kinds of problems. I downloaded the very latest version (so they said), and installed it. When the program loads, it takes between two and four minutes to complete!!! When I restore MWP 2010 to check mail, at the upper left corner just to the right of the icon are a group of blank squares where the program name is supposed to appear. Has any one else had the same or similar problems, or is it only me??? I did not have any problems with MWP 6, which I use on my other computer (which will not be upgraded until all the problems are fixed on MWP 2010).

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    Loads of similar comments in their forums ( of similar issues, though the moderators down there seem to be locking some of the threads. I tried it a while back on my XP machine and it was similarly slow and apart from the candy look did nothing for me. Very quickly went back to v6. I agree, it is not ready for prime time and certainly not worth paying for - note that the $10 is an ANNUAL fee, it will stop working when the year runs out, another controversial issue.

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