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    I use Outlook 2007 and Win7. Sometimes when I click on the outlook button in the start menu I get the little circle graphic and nothing else. If I reboot it will work. If I open task manager it shows outlook.exe running in the processes but not in the application group. If I shut down outlook.exe in the task manager and try and start Outlook in the start menu again it will open and work fine for a few minutes but then a window comes up that says something it terribly wrong and outlook has to shut down now. I does and then I can open it again and it works just fine.It's not a huge problem, yet, just a minor annoyance.

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    If Outlook.exe is still running after you shutdown Outlook, it is probably waiting on a response from an addin. Often that is some sort of syncing software. You can try running Outlook by using "outlook.exe /safe". See Command-line switches for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Outlook - Microsoft Office for an explanation of Outlook command line switches.

    When you re-start Outlook if an instance of outlook.exe is already running the user interface will not load. You need to use Task Manager to terminate outlook.exe and then restart as you have discovered.


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    I get that once in a while, and I kill the process, wait a few seconds, and restart Outlook. You may have to deal with the warning message "Outlook was not closed properly and will now tediously check that the PST has no infectious diseases." (OK, I made that up, but that's the gist of the message.)
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