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    I am working in large documents these days. In Word, you can use SHIFT F5 to return to the location of your last edit.

    Is there an equivalent command in PowerPoint to return to the location of your last edit?

    For example, I am working in a presentation that continues to evolve.

    I know CTRL END END takes me to the end of the presentation.

    I want to be able to return to where I was last working in a long presentation, without having to remember exactly where I was the last time I saved.

    You would think this is such a basic need. If the solution is there, I am not finding it.

    In PowerPoint 2010 help, I entered "return to last edit location" and got no results. In Google, "powerpoint 2010 Return to last editing location" produces 4050 results, but after scrolling through many pages of hits did not find anything. Perhaps I missed it.

    I tried searching Office online help, no joy.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AGH. Ok. I feel slightly better now. Any suggestions out there?

    Please and Thank You.

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    I don't think this is built in.

    One way (not ideal) is to add a comment to the last slide editted and then use Review > Next markup to go back

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    Good Morning

    In a similar fashion to John I type a completely made up word on the last editted page and then use edit - find next time I want to work on the document. The secret is to remember to take it out before publishing, and if your memory is bad keep it clean in case you leave it in!! :-)


    Asking the questions everbody wants the answers too but feels too stupid to ask themselves :-)

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