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    paste watermark again (word 97)

    I've created a template that when opened, includes a draft watermark. I created that with the use of word art and pasted it into the header so that it's behind the text of the document.

    When the document is approved by the business owners and legal, we take the watermark off by going into the header and deleting the word art. Simple enough and all is right with the world.

    Until someone has the bright idea to change one <img src=/w3timages/censored.gif alt=censored border=0> little thing that needs to be sent through the channels again with the draft watermark back on.

    Here's the problem: I take the watermark I need from another document, copy it and try to paste it into the header of the document that needs changing where it was before. When I do this however, Word locks up and I am forced to End Task.

    Anyone have any ideas why this is happening... a way to fix it... or a better way to insert a Draft Watermark?
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    Re: paste watermark again (word 97)

    Hi KT,

    I don't know why Word is locking up, I suspect it could be due to a rogue temp file. When you copy from doc to doc, Word can create a temp file to store the clipboard info.

    Otherwise, do you have all of the patches for Word 97? (SR1, SR2, and the Post Service Release)

    Can you create an AutoText entry for the Watermark and insert it as needed?
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    Re: paste watermark again (word 97)

    And here's another workaround to try:

    When the document is ready to send, rather than delete the watermark, go to the header and insert a drawing object (such as a rectangle) that is sized sufficiently to cover the watermark. Change the line color to no color.

    This should hide the watermark.

    You should then be able to reshow the watermark if necessary, by changing the fill color of the rectangle to no fill. When doing so, you need to click once to select the rectangle, and then rightclick to get the Format AutoShape dialog (double-clicking in this case will just take you back out of the header!).


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