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    When I am looking at the list of threads I have no way of knowing if the issue/question has been resolved without reading the entire thread. I think that readers look at threads for two distinct reasons (1) they have the same or similar problem and are looking for a solution and (2) they know the answer or solution to the problem. In case (1) they do not want to read the whole thread only to find that the problem, like theirs, has not been resolved. In case (2) they do not want to read the thread only to find that their solution or another solution has already been submitted.

    Another benefit would allow a reader to look for old unresolved issues, which tend to slowly trickle down into oblivian, and re-energize them.

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    I find that in most cases reading the entire thread not only often shows a solution to my problem, but also shows other items I had never thought of that do come in handy. I do however see where showing a problem and a solution could be helpful, but often there is more than one solution or several partial solutions. My belief is that those that do not read the entire thread cheat themselves of valuable knowledge they could gain reading the entire thread.

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    I agree with Ted.
    Also on the Forums that have this "Solution" Tag, most of the time the "Solution" is either incomplete or worked only for one person and not another.
    For some odd reason these computers that are supposedly identical, never really are.
    I have been around these things since they first came out (PCjr, PC, XT, AT, Pentium......) I have yet to find a solution that always worked in every situation, even on supposedly "identical" systems.
    Maybe they really do have their own personality.
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