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Thread: X-OS Favourites

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    X-OS Favourites

    I have been reviewing my standard setups in light of WinXP and started to compile a list of applications that work in Win98SE, WinME, Win2K, and WinXP (probably). This class of application is important to me as it lets me use the same interfaces and tools from a variety of systems/configurations. I have not included either Win95 or NT4 in the list of OS's as I am trying to limit the list to OS's that I will frequently use. WinXP compatibility can not be guaranteed until the final retail version is available for testing, but, all signs are positive at this point. Watch for XP specific upgrades in the near future for XP specific enhancements and bug-fixes.

    Many of these applications are available in freeware and registered(plus) versions. My primary experience is with the registered versions. I use them so much that it was worthwhile to purchase lifetime free upgrades, sometimes years ago, for the software.

    Here is my list of favourite cross OS applications. Feel free to add to the list. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    Desktop: <A target="_blank" HREF=>PowerDesk Pro</A> It is worth upgrading to the registered version for the integrated viewers and graphics handlers. The freeware version however integrates seamlessly with QuickView/QV+. I decided to go with PowerDesk Pro instead of upgrading my copy of QV+.

    Firewall: NoteTab Pro My default text (raw, html, perl, pascal, ...) editor for years. I have upgraded this so many times for free that I have lost count. The freeware (lite) version makes NotePad look like a toy. The Pro version includes features that I would now be lost without (outlines, clip books, perl & awk integration, ...).

    Graphics Viewer: LinkSys BEFSR41 This is not strictly software. But this inexpensive (down to $139 Cdn in last ad I saw) 4-port switched Ethernet 10/100 cable/dsl router with loads of firmware features works seamlessly on my network. At the time of writing this I have a RH7.1 Linux system, a Windows XP RC2 system, and my Win98SE notebook connecting smoothly to the Internet. All running with just a basic DHCP client setup and using my DSL link with no concern about the complexities of setting up and maintaining a PPPoE DSL link.

    Tweaker: <A target="_blank" HREF=>X-Teq X-Setup</A> More tweaks and twinks for more OS's than any other one out there. Again, a plug-in architecture tool with a consistent interface across OS's.

    JukeBox: <A target="_blank" HREF=>MusicMatch JukeBox</A> Ok, I listen to a lot of music (over 20GB of MP3). I have used the registered version of this for years to RIP and play MP3 and WMA files. Resource hungry under W98, but, overall I am happy with it. The freeware version is also very good.

    I also use Internet Explorer 6 I have used it since it was announced as gold. Stable across all OS.

    I am still trying to decide on an Anti-Virus tool and a Font Manager.


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    Re: X-OS Favourites

    Thank you for sharing your list.


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    Re: X-OS Favourites

    Additions to the prior list:

    Screen Capture: FileMon from SysInternals A great free debugging and curiosity tool. Talk about X-OS, this package now supports 64-bit CPUs/OSs and has a port available for Linux 2.4 kernels.

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    Re: X-OS Favourites

    This updates testing status of previously noted applications using retail release of XP. Most testing done from a clean install of WinXP Pro.

    PowerDesk (Free and Pro) v4.0.12.0: No problems.

    ZoneAlarm v2.6.357:
    A few minor glitches when initializing TrueVector interrupt. Process recovers and starts up properly. Can be seen in Event Viewer. Problems should be fixed in next release.
    Also some problems accessing some XP specific Microsoft sites. Problem could also have been caused by changes I was testing for standard security settings. I will update status after I have finished re-testing.

    NoteTab (Light and Pro) v4.86: No problems.

    IrfanView v3.51: No problems.

    X-Teq X-Setup v6.1: No problems.
    A lot of XP specific plug-ins have been released. Use "X-Update" function to automatically download updates.

    MusicMatch JukeBox v6.10.0178:
    Some problems with current version (process crash, error detection setting not sticking). Problems fixed with recent beta release of MMJB 7. Beta release also appears to be stable in new functions.

    MP3-Explorer v4.30:
    Basic functions work. Refresh List function causes process to stop responding. Not known if updated software will be released.
    Workaround to problem is to delete MEX file and restart applicaton.

    Internet Explorer 6: No new problems.

    HardCopy v14.2.01: No problems.

    Filemon v4.34: No problems.

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