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    Previously posted about a week ago but adding more new info here and hope some new person will see this and help me.

    I downloaded IE 9 beta with no apparent problem and the installation ended with a window which said some of the IE files were in use and could not be updated. I donít know which these were since nothing was open but I continued, restarted ok, and on from there.

    Problem: Open IE ok but can only tab browse when windows is maximized (double boxes.)

    CTRL+W, right click and select "Close Tab" to close a tab, and CTRL+TAB to switch between tabs works fine no matter what the size/orientation of IE. But click on the tab "x", depress mouse wheel to close tab, and click on tab to select it will only work when maximized (double boxes.) Seems like IE 9 will only work with windows maximized. All other features work ok.

    Installing with no add-ons, in safe mode, or with anti-virus off makes no difference. All updates current. Same for both 32 bit and 64 bit IE.

    I canít help think I have a wrong setting somewhere or AN IE FILE WHICH IS IN USE AND CANNOT BE UPDATED IS CAUSING THE PROBLEM. How do I find and close this file? Has anyone else had this or a related problem? Are there any ideas?

    Is there some cool person from Microsoft or an MVP reading this who has a solution in his back pocket to give me?


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    The message about a file in use is not an unusual one during an install. When this happens the installer just sets it up that the file is replaced when you re-boot. As long as you re-boot when requested the installation should be fine. It seems as though something is either corrupted in your installation or you have some program intercepting mouse clicks.

    You could try uninstalling and reinstalling IE9. Note: if you choose to do this be sure to re-boot when requested.


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