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    I have a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+ in my network as a first line of backup, and I am experiencing poor performance when copying files to it. I was advised to use IOMeter ( to get some metrics on network speeds, so I installed it on a Windows XP (Pro, SP3) machine and tried running it, with no success: I get two error messages immediately

    ===> ERROR: binding to socket <hostname> failed.
    [PortTCP::Create in IOPortTCP.cpp line 288]
    errno = 10048


    Could not create TCP/IP port for Dynamo login!

    If anybody has used this application successfully, could they help me do the same?!


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    Hi Trevor,

    I installed this to a test machine and it starts up 2 instances which are a graphical user interface and the other a command line based console which appears to be the back-end to the GUI front-end.

    What is most likely happening is that the application is trying to start and "bind" itself to a TCP/IP port in my case this was 50504.

    I would check if you have any "Firewall" based software blocking this application. If that is not the issue then it may be that another software application on Windows is using the same TCP/IP port.

    If you find that it is not the Firewall blocking the application then I can provide steps to check in use TCP/IP with the Windows command line utility "netstat".

    But on the topic of poor NAS performance, what RAID mode have to set the device to use? RAID 0/1/5.

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