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    My personal e-mail address has been spoofed (not hacked). It has been used by crooks purporting to sell Viagra from a site in Russia, and uses my address as their "from" e-mail address. Now, another crook is doing the same with a work-from-home scheme. Again, this is not "hacked"...that is, they did not break into my account and they are not sending to my address list.

    I've contacted my ISP,, and they offer nothing. I understand there is a process called SPF that has some impact on preventing spoofing, but it is not offered by 1and1.

    I researched this when it first occurred a few years ago, and found there was nothing that anyone is doing on about this issue, other than--as I understand--the weak and underutilized Sender Policy Framework.

    I even "turned off" my personal e-mail address for several months, and that still did not resolve the problem. The address in question is my name, so that makes this issue very difficult for me.

    What is the current state of anti-spoofing efforts? Is there any hope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Barnard View Post
    What is the current state of anti-spoofing efforts? Is there any hope?
    I would suggest that the only practical way to resolve this is to use a different email address, abandoning the old one. Infuriating, but that's the way things are.

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    I agree with BATcher, change you email address.
    Maybe consider more than one email accout too; One for trusted usage, and one for not so trusted usage and
    internet business.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I would change to a different ISP.
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    The "from" address is just text and can be set to anything you like as long as it's in the form text@text.validextension. I use for testing mail systems. Your address is being used because it was harvested from an infected PC / hacked webmail address book. Changing email or ISP will not stop your address being used.

    There is no hope that spoofing will stop any time soon as there is no agreed standard to guarantee an email is from an authorised source - there are several competing "standards" but they all have limitations and would require global implementation in one go.

    cheers, Paul (bearer of bad tidings)

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