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    Cell borders don't print on second copy (Excel 97/SR?)

    Hi all

    My boss was trying to print a spreadsheet this morning. She would drag the range, go to File-Print then click on selection and change copies to "2". On the second copy all the Cell Border lines disappear ???? We also tried printing another spreadsheet with using a print range and a similar thing happened except the missing lines printed in font about 3 times as big, starting to the right of the last printed column. Vertically they lined up ok.. The first spreadsheet printed fine from another machine.

    Note: Using a new Windows 2000 machine.

    Obviously you can print copies one by one, but this is somewhat annoying. Anyone run across this before?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cell borders don't print on second copy (Excel 97/SR?)

    Check to see if you have the latest print drivers for the printer.
    Legare Coleman

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