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Thread: Multiple Users.

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    When I open Documents and settings I appear to have multiple users. There are folders named Administrator, Administrator Al, All users, Owner, and Steve (my
    working name for email is Al, but Steve is my nickname). Some of these may have been added when I had the computer in for service. Also, when I first got it, I guess I stated an separate
    administrator , in case someone else might eventually use the system, but I am the only one.
    If I open these folder, not all have the same lineup of folders and files, but some things appear in them all. now, does this mean that files of the same name listed in more than one user folder
    are duplicated or is it just sort of an index. If I deleted a folder or file in one user that also was listed in another , would all links to that file name be deleted?
    I guess I should work towards cutting back to one administrator.
    As well as All users and owner, there are also folders named all users.xpro . I can't recall if I ever downloaded something that led to that.

    I welcome any advice.

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    Hi asteven1, Have a look in your folders for all 'users' to see if you have anything you don't want deleted. Now enter 'safe mode' by rebooting and 'tapping' F8 or delete key during 'post' Sign in as 'Administrator' go to user accounts, there you can delete all accounts you desire.
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