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    Just installed InfraRecorder v. Have very little experience with burning CD-Rs...

    I just downloaded two files from the Internet: one is an .iso format and the other an .exe. I would like to store both of them on the same CD-R. From what little I understand about this process, I first would have to burn the .iso file that I downloaded somewhere (into a folder of my HD, I guess), add the .exe file to it, and then create a new .iso file that includes everything. After that, I would burn this new .iso file to my CD-R.

    1) Is what I have indicated above correct?
    2) If so, can I create the new .iso file using InfraRecorder or do I need some other utility?
    3) There is no harm in burning an .iso file to a hard drive, right? I mean, I would burn the .iso file in a folder created expressly for that task and then delete it once I am finished. (For sure I would not burn it to c:\ !!)

    This is all new to me, so I hope the experts here can guide me...

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    okay its a little bit more complex than you are doing

    1 "burn" only applies to iso (and related formats) when you are sending them to a plastic disc (otherwise its just copy like a normal file)
    2 what you will need to do is grab a copy of 7Zip (or some other archive tool) and then uncompress/unpack the ISO to a NEW EMPTY FOLDER
    3 You will now see all the files that were inside the ISO (which BTW is a disc image sort of like doing a photocopy of a CD)
    4 copy your other file to that folder
    5 open a new project in infrarecorder and then drag the folder with your files to the new image
    6 burn that or create a new image and burn as required

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    Making sure that the new file(s) does not make the new "iso" too large for its target.
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